Beranda / Kebijakan Pengembalian & Pengembalian Dana
在您下訂單並付款之後,我們會向您發送一封確認信並核對交付細節。如果您無法在24小時內收到任何電子郵件,請通知我們 Whatsapp /電話:69735397 電子郵件 或經這個網站 請仔細檢查送貨及交易內容。 確認交貨後,鮮花產品不設退貨。請在我們的員工離開前仔細檢查産品。 絲花產品的損壞(花卉脫落)可以在14日內退回店內,我們將幫您修復它。定制產品不設退貨。 After you make your order and paid. We will send you a confirmation letter and check with the delivery details. If you can’t receive any email in 24 hours, please let us know by Whatsapp/call: 69735397 email: Or messenger in this website Please carefully check with the delivery details. No return on fresh flower product after confirming delivery. Please check carefully before our staff leave. Damage on silk flower products (detach of flower) can return to store and we will help you to fix it within 14 days. Tailor made product cannot be returned.