Cappuccino roses Vintage Bouquet 奶茶色復古花束




IMPORTANT Message To Our Customers: We may need the following informations from you, please COPY to the remark when you check out:) ~~~ 1.Delivery Date (Hong Kong Time GMT +8) 2. Preferred delivery time (Hong Kong Time GMT +8) 3. Any message card needed and your messages 4. Receiver name and contact number (very important if you would like us to deliver directly to your beloved one;) 5. Other remark and preference ~~~ It would be perfect if you make your order 2-3 days before delivery! Some of the flowers are seasonal and might not be available at the time you order, we will try to arrange and unpublished the bouquet in time. If you really want to add/keep the specific flower to the bouquet, please let us know in advance(at the remark) we will contact you for any changes. Please also note that for online order received after 17:00(HKT), we can only offer next day delivery after 13:00(HKT). Same day delivery will be available if you order and pay from 00:00-17:00(HKT) upon availability of our fresh flower stock. If your order is very urgent, please directly contact us via WhatsApp: +85269735397 (you can also reach us via the messager widget on this website) Thank you very much for your understanding. ****** 請盡量提早2-3日預訂,以便安排送貨🤗 請注意,花材有季節限制,有時産地未必有貨,如果您真的很在意要某一種花或某種顔色的花,請先與我們聯絡或於備註吿訴我們,我們會盡力滿足大家要求。 請注意,所有於香港時間下午17:00 後確定的網上訂單,我們最快只能安排翌日下午13:00後送貨。同日送貨只適用於當日凌晨00:00至下午17:00確認及付款的訂單,視乎花材是否足夠。 故此我們建議24小時內的急單,請先致電或WhatsApp+852 69735397確定再付款。 ************************** 填寫訂單: 您可以覆制以下信息,於備註(Remark)填寫: 送遞日期: 送遞時間偏好: 收花人姓名和聯絡電話: 心意卡:需要/不需要 訊息: 其他要求:

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